Barton Student Ambassadors pose by the Barton Welcome sign

High School Counselor Corner

As a counselor and sometimes the guiding light in your students lives, we understand your commitment to our young people. It's with your and our commitment we can team up to help make a difference in a student's life beyond their high school years.

We encourage you to explore Barton just as we encourage prospective students to do.  We are confident in the quality of education, facilities, and supportive environment Barton offers students. We are just as committed in expanding a student’s mind to simply exploring all the opportunities of higher education/training!

If we can be of any assistance to you - whether it’s to schedule a campus visit, high school visit, to personally contact one of your students, or come to your school to present “Planning for College” types of presentations to any grade level program, please let us know!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support and your commitment to young people!


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