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Student Completion

Goal 1: Advance student entry, reentry, retention, and completion strategies.

  • KPI 1.4: Degree/Certificate Completion
  • KPI 1.5: Program Completion (100%, 150%, 200%)


Retention, program completion is an industry standard for evaluating the success of students as is evidenced by the requirement to report these metrics to The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
(IPEDS: This annual component of IPEDS collects number of degrees and other recognized postsecondary credentials (certificates) conferred under the heading 'Programs/Majors".

Barton’s participation in the Higher Learning Commission’s Student Success Academy, Barton’s Academy Team has also identified course completion as a foundational, fundamental metric useful in gauging student success.  Success in individual courses (or, in an individual course) can be seen to be one of the earliest measures of a successful educational experience for a student.  Too, surveys of Barton students reflect the importance that students place on program and course completion. When asked about the most important ways that Barton can contribute to students’ success, students indicate “supporting successful completion of courses and programs” and “supporting degree/certificate completion or graduation” as top responses. 

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    Success Survey 2022

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